E2M, which should actually be M2E is a quick little bash script I wrote that will take a manpage and load up ed with the contents. This is useful for example if you have a hard time reading the manpages on windows through a shell; E2M gives you the ability to read as you normally would with ed.

In order to use E2M, you can put it in any directory that is on your path, or copy out the function and put it in your ~/.bashrc file. From there, you can type:
e2m In order to load the manpage into your editor.

Please note, when you exit the editor the temporary file where the manpage was created will be deleted. The way E2M works, is it creates a temporary file, dumps the manpage into that file, then loads ed. Once you exit the temporary file gets deleted.

Download E2M

Here is the download link for E2M: