About This Site

This site serves as a central repository for my projects, blog and a collection of recipes which I've developed over time.

About me

My name is Tyler (Ty) Littlefield, and you'll usually find me online by the name of Sorressean. I am a totally blind software developer. I graduated with my B.S in Computer science in 2017.

I began learning to program when I was 12, using a note taker from Freedom Scientific called the Braille Lite 40. Within my first night of reading a book on Blazie Basic, I had made my first two player Tic-Tac-Toe, and within a couple of days I had managed to make a computer option so that I could play against the computer. From that point I was hooked, and began learning everything about programming that I could.

My interests lie in low-level or backend programming, FreeBSD, open source and accessibility advocacy.

When I am not working on my projects, I enjoy gaming, mostly in the form of MUDs (Multi-user dungeons), cooking, reading, and playing the guitar.

My Public Key

Below is a link to my public key; this can be used to verify downloads from this site, as well as email messages.