About Me

Headshot of Ty, software developer, gamer, musician, and audio engineer

Welcome to From Bytes to Bites!

Hello! I’m Ty Littlefield, a blind software developer, accessibility advocate, aspiring musician, audio engineer, and a passionate cook. As I began trying to learn as much about mechanical and electronic devices around me, my early days were spent building bikes from spare parts. This ingenuity carried over to my exploration of programming, which began at the age of 12. I started writing my first programs on a note-taker device made for the blind and quickly developed a two-player game. This initial dive into programming during a sleepless 36-hour burst ignited my lifelong passion for software development and technology.

After earning my B.S. in Computer Science from Wentworth Institute of Technology, I began my work at Vispero, enhancing the screen-reader technology that I’ve relied on personally. My accessibility work extends to advocacy with companies like Lyft and Instacart, and contributions to open-source projects such as Toaststunt and Speakup projects.

I also have a deep love for cooking. Much like my work in software development and accessibility, cooking allows me to connect with others and share something meaningful. My culinary journey began out of necessity during high school while living with my grandparents, who were often ill and unable to cook. What started as a helping hand in the kitchen quickly blossomed into a passion. Some of my fondest memories are of cooking alongside my grandmother, who would guide me with her expert tips and skills from her seat at the kitchen table. Cooking is more than just preparing food; it’s a way to foster independence and connection. I am particularly excited to share accessibility tips that help other blind and visually impaired individuals navigate the kitchen more easily. By highlighting simple, cost-effective solutions that don’t rely on expensive gadgets, I aim to make cooking accessible for everyone. For me, cooking is about creating and sharing; it’s about building connections over shared meals.

It is my hope that this blog, ‘From Bytes to Bites,’ will offer valuable insights and enjoyment to a diverse audience. With topics ranging from my passion for cooking and software development to my interests in audio engineering and music, this blog aims to connect us all through the universal languages of food and technology.

I invite you to join this journey, share your thoughts, and engage with a community that celebrates every byte and every bite.